• deNiktal


    Strife-leader of Cyric, deNiktal was assigned by Manshoon to guard his abductee Zestia and instead ended up being abducted himself by the ogre mage Hezaq, along with both Talberon (her other guard) and Zestia
  • Jalimin Frindos

    Jalimin Frindos

    Lord protector of Triboar
  • Talberon


    Talberon is a Zhentarim mage who was assigned by Manshoon to guard Zestia, which he failed to do
  • Theryry Silverhammer

    Theryry Silverhammer

    Dwarven adventurer
  • Tonthiir Bloodhorns

    Tonthiir Bloodhorns

    More resembling a bear than a man, Tonthiir is a burly man of quick temper.
  • Yerleo


    A rather strange, intelligent kobold
  • Zestia


    Zestia is, according to her own words, daughter of a one of the chieftains of the Black Raven tribe of Uthgardt barbarians