A long trek goodnight

0 Session - If you can't convince 'em, confuse 'em

Edgar, Kasya and William entered Neverwinter with their caravan. They immediately set off for Moonstone Mask to search for Kasya’s sister Oriana (also known by her “artistic” name Kristiana). After some information gathering inside and outside of the Mask, they finally go to house her sister is renting. They find an entrance door left slightly ajar, and proceed inside, to find 3 Luskanites led by Verpol Essturton holding Kristiana/Oriana and her thief lover Bryce captured. A fight ensues, and luckily PC’s yell “Guards!” several times during the fight, as fight is going bad for them and they risk to be overpowered by the Luskanites. Guards burst in, all the Luskans manage to flee, so the guards promptly arrest everyone on scene (4 PC’s), and find Kristiana/Oriana dead.

The PC’s are brought in for questioning, and after detailed examination, and finally one excellent bluff story by Bryce, they were released next morning. They continue to argue (and get to know each other), first outside the guard/militia hall, and then go to the Fallen tower. They rent two rooms there and Bryce, Kasya and Edgar went into the rooms to argue some more, while William remained bellow and retold the innkeeper what happened last night. Very soon, half of the city knew of events last night (either by guards, neighbours or the innkeeper).

Despite emotional breakdown, and amidst tears Bryce was still able to detect several times that they are being followed and kept under surveillance by guards/militia. Finally, session ended when PC’s were found and approached by Huloth, who passed them a message from Ormyl: “I’ve heard of events last night. I ask all who were participating last night to visit me” (effectively all PC’s). Session ended there, among tears, accusations and explanations, and with a great desire expressed by PC’s to hunt and kill this Verpol guy.


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