New beginnings

It is a time of drastic change in the North. Most people thinks it’s a turn for the better, because so many bastions of evil have fallen in recent years, and the leaders of the North are trying to unite in mutual defence.

The first great fall of Evil occurred 14 years ago, in the Year of the Worm (1356 DR), when Chieftain Bruenor Battlehammer and the dwarves of Clan Battlehammer defeated the duergar who had occupied their Mithral Hall for nearly two centuries. Clan Battlehammer reopened the famous dwarf mine.

As summer drew down in 1367 DR, a horde of one hundred fifty thousand orcs under King Greneire charged down from the northern ranges and struck at the Citadel of Many Arrows, held by King Obould. For four months the two orc armies clawed at each other, until Obould slew Greneire in single combat, breaking his horde. Dwarves of Clan Warcrown, bolstered by troops from Silverymoon, attacked the exhausted Many Arrows orcs and seized the Citadel. Obould fled north to hide in the Spine of the World, and King Emerus Warcrown was enthroned in triumph in the Citadel, restored to its old dwarf name of Felbarr.

In 1369 DR, fiends from Hellgate attacked Silverymoon and Sundabar. They burned much of Sundabar before they were forced out, but Alustriel’s magic defended Silverymoon. Hellgate Keep promptly turned to attack the Citadel of the Mists, abode of the mysterious Mistmaster – but he managed, by means of a great magic and Harpers who sacrificed their loves to deploy it, to destroy Hellgate Keep in a great explosion. The armies of Everlund, acting in concert with the good folk of the High Forest, slaughtered the surviving tanar’ri of Hellgate Keep. Turlang of the treants moved swiftly to march the forest north and east, surrounding the ruins of Hellgate Keep and incidentally closing the area to human trade and commerce.

Many priests, historians and philosophers say, however, that they sense evil – and new, darker times at the doorstep. The say that beasts once ruled the land, and the time is not distant, when the beasts will return. So it shall be, perhaps.

A long trek goodnight

Udarnik mehilow Marwan